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At the International Educational Center “Interlang”

The English Language School “Interlang” is situated in the beautiful area of Akademgorodok, the centre of Russian scientific research and development. The school is located 25 km from the centre of Novosibirsk – a large, vibrant city that is considered to be the cultural capital of Siberia with a population of 2 million people. Akademgorodok is situated within dense birch and pine forests on the picturesque Ob Sea. Being a scientific and cultural center with more than 35 research institutes, Akademgorodok combines all the benefits of a large city with its close proximity to nature; a place where the people are renowned for their hospitality and friendliness. As a result of the excellent local education facilities and the rich academic pedigree of this area, the majority of the local population can be classified as belonging to the so-called intelligentsia. Indeed it is fair to say that although Akademgorodok is only a district of Novosibirsk, the two places are in fact worlds apart. Akademgorodok is a city of science, youth and innovation.

Our school differs in many ways from other traditional language schools. Firstly, our teaching techniques are different. For example, we offer a complete immersion course to students at all levels of their language learning. Furthermore, we have adopted a creative flexible and personalized approach to the language teaching process. One of the corner stones of our policy is maintaining the attention and keen interest of our students throughout the entire duration of their studies. If our students’ enthusiasm to study the Russian language doesn’t wane, if they don’t notice the passage of time, if they are in a state of pleasant anticipation most of the time or if the classes are colorful, creative and challenging in all respects – then we believe that half of the battle towards language proficiency has already been won. Our experienced teachers are all highly qualified and are very enthusiastic about their work.

In addition, Interlang offers courses in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese. Instruction in Russian is conducted through each of these languages as required by our clients. English in exchange for Russian is also an available option which is naturally advantageous for both sides, as in this case there is no need for any money to change hands.

Duration of study


From 2 weeks to 2 years.

Payment information

Payment for the course varies from the number of people in a group. For more details, please contact a member of our management team.

Housing information

Renting a single room apartment will cost approximately 200-300 USD per month.

Sharing an apartment with a neighbor will cost approximately 100-200 USD per month.

Naturally rent varies depending on the size and location of the apartment. It’s more expensive to live in the so-called full-sized apartments in the higher zone of Akademgorodok than in an ordinary size one in the lower zone.

Russian language courses

1. General Intensive Russian Course on conversational Russian includes extensive use of audio/ video materials, phonetics and grammar.

2. Business Russian.

3. Scientific Russian – a language course which concentrates on the academic interest of the learner in different spheres of science.

4. Personalized courses depending on the specialized interests of the learner.

Cultural program

Our foreign students have an excellent opportunity to gain a privileged, first-hand insight into the somewhat different way of life than that in the West. They will almost certainly make lasting friendships, and will have plenty of leisure time, organized to ensure that our students can satisfy their natural curiosity and generally have a lot of fun! We will do everything possible to ensure that our foreign students feel comfortable and at home in our wonderful city. Of course, all our students will be taken to different local places of interest, however first and foremost we aim to show our guests the typical Russian life, which is by far the most fascinating thing for any foreign visitor.

For more detailed information feel free to contact us:

International Educational Center “Interlang”

Pr. Acad. Lavrentiev 6, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia

Tel: 007 383 3356444

007 383 2179019

Fax: 007 383 3356220


Vous souhaitez apprendre le russe ? Vite et bien ? Avec méthode et intelligemment ?

L’Ecole des Langues Etrangères INTERLANG    vous рropose des stages intensifs de Russe à Novosibirsk

Avec des professeurs expérimentés et d’une haute compétence

Pour une durée d’une à deux semaines minimum

A raison de 4 à 6 heures de cours par jour


Ces stages sont destinés tant aux Grands Débutants

Qu’à ceux qui ont un besoin de perfectionnement dans la langue et la civilisation



Les méthodes employées sont basées sur la communication orale,

sans négliger ni le raisonnement ni le travail écrit, nécessaires à une avancée grammaticale sérieuse. Mme Sinyanskaya Ludmila a reçu une longue formation à la pratique de ces méthodes.

Elle a exercé dans des Universités Parisiennes prestigieuses et ses étudiants l’ont toujours particulièrement appréciée.

Mme Sinyanskaya Ludmila en parfaite possession de la langue française sait apporter à l’étudiant des comparaisons avec cette dernière et attirer ainsi son attention sur les chemins à suivre et les pièges à éviter...


Sa connaissance des mondes universitaire et professionnel français lui permet d’introduire avec compétences ses élèves dans la civilisation russe pour une meilleure collaboration professionelle.


Novosibirsk (Russian: Новосиби́рск) is the third-most populous city in Russia, after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is the most populous city in Asian Russia, with a population of 1,612,833 as of the 2018 Census[19], and is the administrative center of Novosibirsk Oblast as well as of the Siberian Federal District.


90 min lesson 

4-10 lessons

The climate in Novosibirsk is typical of Siberia, with a clear sky and far-below-freezing winter temperatures. The reason for these temperatures is the absence of nearby ocean, the Ural Mountains, barring Atlantic air masses from reaching Siberia, and the lack of tall mountains at the north of Novosibirsk, that could have held back freezing Arctic winds. In fact, Novosibirsk is the second-farthest substantially populated city from the ocean, the first being Ürümqi in China.


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